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Manhattaner Madman
An Ekenbabu mystery novel

Sujan Dasgupta

When Bipasha Mitra, one of the rich and famous of New York city requested Ekenbabu to find a lost family photograph, the detective was in trouble. The list of suspects resembled a veritable Who’s Who! Lucky for him, he was commissioned the very next day to solve a murder in New Jersey. This became his excuse to delay the hunt for Bipasha's photograph. But something has gone wrong and Ekenbabu is not being able to think clearly. He is getting more and more confused! Astrologically speaking, he seems to be under the negative influence of the planet Saturn. Mrs. Ekenbabu has asked him to get a blue Saffire and wear it in a ring. This should help him overcome the spell. But blue Saffires are not cheap. Ekenbabu would rather not part with such an enormous amount, bad effect or not. .....Without the blue Saffire, can he find the murderer and the heirloom photograph?

Sujan Dasgupt, author of several books on logial puzzles, now writes mystery novels.

Published by Dasgupta-Alliance
Pages 147
Softcover, Perfect Binding
ISBN: 978-8211-087-8
Global Books Price $5.95


Sujan Dasgupta and his literary offspring Ekenbabu have hit the bull's eye again with their mystery "Manhattane Mad Man"-- a real nail-biter. Check it out if you can get your hands on it. Bravo, guys!
Sumit Roy






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